Last month, Labthink rolled out its C-Series permeability testing equipment. These new OTR and WVTR units mark another milestone in Labthink’s storied history of revolutionary materials-testing technology. The C-Series represents some of the most advanced packaging testing technology on the market today.

This product launch is the culmination of 5 years of meticulous work by Labthink’s research and development team. One of the most unique aspects of the new units centers on the updated core sensor technology. This upgrade signals major advancements in precision, sensitivity, repeatability, stability and service life of the sensors. The new integrated testing block controls temperature and humidity automatically, providing more uniformed testing conditions. The instruments also have an automatic test mode which allows for multiple control functions and can meet the requirements for a broad range of scientific research. Finally, the new units also come with a 12-inch tablet for streamlined usability, which is supported by Windows 10.

With this new line of equipment, Labthink’s permeability capabilities will allow for the most precise testing results in the flexible packaging industry. In the coming months, Labthink will be looking to update more units from its current product line.

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