On February 2, 2018, Labthink held 2018 Spring festival conference. Witnessed by all Labthink staff, Labthink started a new journey of innovation.

With a glory history, Labthink reveal a new chapter of development

Since the establishment in 1989, Labthink has been working in packaging testing industry for almost 30 years. During the past years’ development, we’veexperienced both successes and setbacks. Today, with patented sensor technology, Labthink has changed from a follower to a leader in the packaging testing industry.

Setting up industrial theories, updating patented technology and transformation of technological achievements are the main challenges in the process of innovation. Three vice presidents of Labthink elaborated on the strategy of innovation from three aspects including operation, marketing and product development. Then they held a round-table meeting with Mr. Jiang Yunzhong, General Manager of Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, and discussed with all company staff on the subject of the blueprint of company’s future development.

Innovation is the motor driving the development of company

Innovation is the motor that drives the development of the company. The award ceremony of 2017 innovative achievement was held at the end of the Spring festival conference. Mr. Jiang Yunzhong and three vice presidents awarded first, second and third prize winners with certificates and bonus. All the staff was encouraged to explore for innovation and work together to create first-class packaging testing instruments.

Shoulder by Shoulder, Fight for the Future

At the beginning of the banquet, our colleagues in Labthink International, USA sent their greetings to China via VCR. Headquartered in Boston, they expanded North American market step by step with their great efforts. In Jinan, China team conquered many technical difficulties and established Labthink’s global network of products and after-sales service. We are companions of each other and on the shoulders of the founders of this company, we witnessed the development and growth of Labthink. Looking ahead, we see a bright prospect as well as great responsibility. In 2018, we will work together to embrace the bright future of Labthink.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, is always dedicated to providing customers with packaging testing solutions and helping the manufacturers fulfill the goals of quality and safety assurance, through improvement of packaging testing techniques and development of high-end packaging testing instruments.

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