On February 1, 2018, Labthink officially launched all new C series barrier property testing instruments including C230M Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System, C330M Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System and C390M Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System.

This is the first time Labthink applies its patented sensor technology in its high-end barrier property testing instruments, which bring the world leading testing accuracy and stability. As a great innovative achievement in packaging testing industry, Labthink’s patented sensor technology may open a new era of technical innovation of packaging testing instruments.

Patented sensor technology improves testing capability greatly

As is known to all, precise sensor and comprehensive structural performance are two core elements of one good packaging testing instrument. Core sensor technological barrier is always an obstacle on the way of independent technical development for most of Chinese enterprises in packaging testing industry.

Labthink has always invested great efforts on research and exploring of core sensor technology in packaging testing industry. After 10 years hard work on this project, Labthink successfully developed its own sensor technology, which is the top scientific achievement that combines Chinese and American sensor technology. Labthink’s self-developed coulometric oxygen sensor, electrolytic sensor and infrared sensor have very high testing sensitivity and good repeatability.

C230M Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System is designed and manufactured according to ISO 15105-2 and ASTM D3985, using Labthink’s patented sensor technology,.The test system can measure the oxygen transmission rate of high, low and medium barrier materials within the test range of 0.05~5000cm3/(m2?d).

C330M Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System and C390M Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System are equipped with Labthink’s patented electrolytic sensor and infrared sensor, they can measure water vapor transmission rate within the test ranges of 0.01~50 g/(m2?d) and 0.05~40 g/(m2?d), respectively. The data mentioned above are measured by professional technician under standard laboratory conditions.

Besides improved testing accuracy and stability, Labthink’s patented sensor technology also features self-protection function, which will be activated in case of over-range testing, it can protect the sensor from oxygen in non-testing status as well.

30 Years’ Experience makes Perfect Products

With 30 years’ development, Labthink has established a mature and reliable manufacturing system of gas and water vapor permeability testing instruments. By continuous adjustment of design and improvement of performance, Labthink now launched its all new C series barrier property testing instruments, which are featured with best design, best materials, best performance and best sensors.

Many changes can be found on the new series instruments, one of the changes is the package testing. New C series barrier property testing instruments support package (≤3L)test. In addition, customization service is available for various shaped packages.

New technology is introduced in test temperature, test humidity and flow rate controls of the new C series barrier property testing instruments. Owing to the new technology, precision and automation degree of the instrument are improved prominently by minimizing the displayed error and reducing the preheating time.

The carrier gas for new series instruments is still 99.999% high-purified nitrogen. Labthink provides one carrier gas purifying device, which can help customers to remove the oxygen and water in the nitrogen. New “intelligent gas saving” feature can help customers reduce the consumption of test gas and save test cost.

3 new instruments also use the classic patented design of 3 test cells in one block, which can guarantee uniform test temperature, test humidity and flow rate for 3 test cells and improve the testing efficiency greatly. Such structure is also favorable to comparison study of test data.

Embedded computer-controlled system of the 3 new instruments is a comparatively closed system, which is reliable, precise and secure in long-term operation.

Full Production Line based on Standards

With so many years development in packaging testing industry, Labthink has developed a full production line based on various standards. Labthink’s gas permeability testers and water vapor permeability testers conform to various standards including ISO 15105-2/ASTMD3985 (equal pressure method), ISO 2556/ISO15105-1/ASTMD1434 (differential pressure method), ASTME96/GB 1037 (gravimetric method), ISO 15106-2/ASTMF1249 (infrared sensor method), ISO15106-3 (electrolytic sensor method), and ISO15106-1/ASTME398 (humidity sensor method), etc.

Labthink is dedicated to providing customers with most suitable products based on requested scientific tracing method or commercially applied method, intended for scientific research use or quality control use.

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