Paper & Paper Board

Paper & Paper Board Testing Equipment

Paper and Paperboard, as a kind of packaging materials, Labthink provides a wide range of physical test machines such as thickness, tearing, tensile properties, cof, puncture and permeability, in accordance with various International standards:

  • ISO 1974 -- Paper -- Determination oftearing resistance -- Elmendorf method
  • ISO 534 -- Paper and board -- Determination of thickness, density and specific volume
  • ISO 5636 -- Paper and board --Determination of air permeance and air resistance (medium range)
  • TAPPI T414 -- Internal Tearing Resistanceof Paper (Elmendorf-Type Method)
  • TAPPI T464 -- Water Vapor Transmission Rateof Paper and Paperboard at High Temperature and Humidity
  • ASTM D4917 -- Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Static and Kinetic Friction of Uncoated Writing and Printing Paper by Use of the Horizontal Plane Method

TQD-G1 Air Permeability Tester

TQD-G1 is professionally applicable to the determination of air permeability of decorating materials used in cars, e.g. polyurethane, expanded plastics, PVC, leather, textiles, non-woven and other materials.

C360H Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

C360 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System, is designed and manufactured based on the gravimetric determination method and conforms to the requirements of ASTM E96.

C640 Thickness Tester

C640 Thickness Tester is a high precision mechanical contact method thickness tester, which can be used for thickness measurement of films, sheeting, paper, corrugated paperboard, textiles, non-woven fabrics, and solid insulation materials, etc.

C610H Auto Tensile Tester

C610H is professionally applicable to measurement of tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, adhesive, physical force as well as other properties of soft package materials, adhesives, aluminum foils, diaphragms, back sheets, non-woven fabrics, rubber and paper, etc.

C620H Friction / Peel Tester

C620H Friction / Peel Tester can be used to test coefficient of static and kinetic friction of plastic films, sheets, foils, paper, cardboard, woven bags, fabric (fabric style test), metal-plastic composite strip/belt for communication cable, convey belt and textile, as well as peel strength test of adhesive laminated products, medical adhesive bandage, release paper and protection films.