Adhesive tapes are widely used today in carton packaging, parts and accessories fixing, and sharp object binding. Good adhesion property is necessary for the adhesive tape to avoid delamination of the adhesive tape during application, especially in high temperature or low temperature environment, where such delamination occurs frequently.

Peel strength is the force required to peel a unit-wide adhesive tape from a specific adhesive surface from a certain angle and at a specific rate. The unit is N/cm. As an important indicator of the adhesive property of adhesive tape, the peel strength provides more valuable information about the performance of the adhesive tape and its expected behavior than the tack and holding power.

In the video below, we demonstrate this test process of 90° peel strength test of adhesive tapes.

The unwinding force reflects the applicability of the adhesive tape in the automatic packaging machine. If the unwrapping strength is too large, the adhesive tape may break or rebound at elongation, and thus reduce the production efficiency. The adhesive performance of adhesive tapes will be affected, which may bring about quality problems.

In the following video, we used Labthink test fixtures for unwinding force test

It is of great significance to strengthen the monitoring of the adhesiveness and unwinding performance to improve the product quality and guarantee the applicability of the adhesive tapes.

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