On August 1st, 2018, Labthink officially launched its new C-series permeability testing instruments, including C230 series Oxygen Transmission Rate Test Systems, C330 series Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test Systems, C390 series Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test Systems and C360 series Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test Systems.

As the top-level permeability testing instruments of Labthink, the new C-series products integrate Labthink's 30 years of testing and manufacturing experiences in the packaging testing industry and incorporate the self-developed sensor technology, which achieve a revolutionary upgrade of test accuracy, efficiency and automation.

multiple technological changes make the great transformation of the sensor method instruments

Explore the micro-precision era of trace detection with self-developed sensor technology

Relying on the experience accumulated over the past 30 years, after nearly five years of painstaking research and exploration, at the beginning of 2018, Labthink has made major breakthroughs in the research and development of core sensor technology, including infrared sensor method, coulometric sensor method, and electrolytic sensor method, etc. Labthink’s self-developed sensor technology has reached world-class level in multiple technical indexes.

And now the new c-series permeability testing instruments are all equipped with the self-developed sensor technology and have achieved more excellent precision, sensitivity, repeatability, stability and service life. They can be used to determine the oxygen or water vapor transmission rate of high, medium and low barrier materials with a wide test range and high test efficiency.

New generation integrated testing block controls temperature and humidity automatically, providing more constant testing conditions

The key point of permeability test is to place the specimen in a constant testing condition, including temperature, humidity, flow rate of test gas and carrier gas. The testing condition is more stable, the result is more accuracy.

On one hand, the internal temperature of the C series instruments can be automatically adjusted and maintained stable, which can prevent certain temperature fluctuations in laboratory, and meet the requirements for the instrument and the operating environment. On the other hand, the instruments are equipped with humidity control device that can adjust the humidity flexibly and automatically and generate the required stable humidity for different test temperatures. C390 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System (infrared sensor method) has the design of the automatic gas flow adjustment function, which is more conducive to maintaining the stable and constant flow in the test process and minimizing testing errors.

As a classic design, the new C-series permeability instruments also use the integrated testing block which consists of three test cells to improve testing efficiency. But the new products have been deeply optimized the patented integrated testing block according to thermodynamics and hydrodynamics, which greatly reduces the temperature, humidity and flow difference between the three test cells, and creates a uniform testing environment, where the test results will be more accurate. The instrument can test three identical or distinct sample tests simultaneously, meeting the standard requirement for parallel tests, and improving test efficiency.

C360 Series Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test Systems: Labthink’s best gravimetric method moisture permeability testing instrument ever

C360 series are equipped with advanced patented hydrodynamic and thermodynamic design of test chamber and test dishes to ensure the uniform flow rate over the specimen surface, stable temperature and humidity, creating a uniform and stable testing environment. As a result, the test duration is shortened and the test results will be more accurate.

Based on ASTM E96 and other international standards, Labthink's instrument can measure the testing environmental conditions for precision adjustment calculations, and has excellent test capabilities for high and low barrier materials, offering high test accuracy for high barrier materials and better test repeatability for low barrier materials. The temperature, humidity and flow rate of this instrument are all controlled automatically. The test cell space adopts a stereo constant temperature design and is equipped with a high-efficiency mist-free automatic humidity adjustment device to meet the needs of long-term continuous testing.

Easy-to-use and High-efficiency System

Labthink focuses on solving the problems with conventional software systems such as complex operations, poor compatibility, difficult in exporting data and so on, to meet the requirements of professional system and people's operating habits.

For the first time, a 12-inch touch-screen pad is used in the instrument, which is equipped with high-performance processor and powered by Windows? 10 system.

The user interface is clear, easy to operate and compatible with various software and devices.

For the first time, Labthink introduced automatic test mode, i.e. users only need to mount the samples and input basic test parameters, then click start button, the instrument will give the test results efficiently with "preferred strategy" by which the users can save training costs and even new test operators can master the operating procedures of the instrument in a short period.

Meanwhile, the new C series permeability instruments also have "professional test mode", which opens access to multiple control functions and can meet the requirements for personalized scientific research.

Unique, optional DataShieldTM system facilitates centralized management and backup of user data. Reliable security algorithms are used to prevent data leakage. It supports third-party software, with which the data can be exported in a variety of formats.

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