Labthink International, Inc., an international technology company and manufacturer of material testing instrumentation, is pleased to announce that Christopher George been appointed to the position of Business Development Associate.

Chris is a recent graduate of Endicott College where he studied Marketing Communication. Chris learned a lot from doing projects in class, as well as his full-time internship where he was a part of the Marketing & Development team. During his internship, Chris helped raise money for low-income housing projects in Massachusetts at the annual dinner & auction. Recently Chris traveled Europe, which helped him see diverse cultures as well as how they live their everyday life and business. Chris believes traveling is an important educational tool that helps us understand the global market more clearly, as well as appreciate our own country and society. Chris has a strong passion for cars, and has had an admiration and respect for them since his youth. Chris is a life-long learner and is always learning something new about the world, whether it is about different cultures, cars, or anything else, Chris is always learning to understand more about the world we live in.

“Christopher’s past internships will help him get off to a strong start” Commented by Haimo Jiang, Labthink International’s Chief Executive Officer, and President.

Craig Primiani, Labthink International’s Executive Vice President, added, “Christopher’s great desire to become a sales professional will be of great value to the team.”

About Labthink

Labthink International is the international subsidiary of Labthink Instruments Ltd. With manufacturing facilities in Jinan, China and worldwide sales and technical support; the company provides technology solutions in the field of materials testing instruments for the packaging, construction, petrochemical, energy and consumer products industries.