Labthink International, Inc.  an international technology company and manufacturer of material testing instrumentation, is pleased to announce that Kevin Hillburn been appointed to the position of Service Engineer.

Kevin is a graduate of Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He grew up in northern New Jersey, 20 miles west of midtown Manhattan.

Kevin comes to us from Bio-Rad, where he was a manufacturing engineer, designing and building equipment used for processing microfluidic chips. He was previously a process engineer at Kidde Fire Systems, where he streamlined and monitored the manufacturing of fire suppression equipment.

Kevin enjoys working with his hands, and spends much of his time working at the community workshop (Artisan's Asylum, the largest maker space in the east coast). He spends most of his time in the wood and metal shops, and loves taking classes to learn new skills.

“Kevin’s stellar collegiate career and education background is a great addition to Labthink International and an important to achieve our future goals” Commented by Haimo Jiang, Labthink International’s chief executive officer and president.

Craig Primiani, Labthink International’s executive vice president added, “Kevin's high-energy and attention to detail will benefit Labthink Greatly, and we are counting on him as being a driver of continued excellent customer service"

About Labthink

Labthink International is the international subsidiary of Labthink Instruments Ltd. With manufacturing facilities in Jinan, China and worldwide sales and technical support; the company provides technology solutions in the field of materials testing instruments for the packaging, construction, petrochemical, energy and consumer products industries.