“We tested leather, PET film, solar panel back sheet, PP film, PET/AL/PA/CPP film and VMPET film with modified infrared sensor method moisture permeability testing instrument and gravimetric method (arbitration method) moisture permeability testing instrument. All the tests were performed under same testing conditions. The deviation of the test results obtained with the two testing instruments is within acceptable range and the relative uncertainty is similar to each other. It can be believed that the modified infrared sensor method moisture permeability testing instrument has been improved from all aspects including reliability, accuracy, repeatability and stability“, said Mr. Chen Xi, the Global Marketing Manager of Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd on 3rd FFIA Spring festival conference.

Modified Temperature Control Device: The “Brain” that controls temperature of diffusion cell


Infrared sensor method moisture permeability testing instrument is applicable to determination of moisture barrier property of various packaging materials. The sensor used in this instrument is non-consumable type sensor, which has an extended service life with good stability and anti-interference performance. Before modification, the instrument uses liquid bath for temperature control, which is low in precision, high in energy consumption and long in time cost. Labthink modified the temperature control device and equipped the device with heating unit, cooling unit, temperature control unit and sensor unit to regulate the whole temperature control process so that the diffusion cells can reach the preset temperature quickly and stably.

Modified Sample Clamping Device for both Film and Package

Before modification, the instrument can only test film/sheet or package, separately. Especially for those irregular shaped and rigid package samples, the flat sample clamping device for film and sheet may cause air bubbles or holes in the joint area. Now, Labthink has modified the sample clamping device, which consists of support, gas inlet, gas outlet. The new sample clamping device uses unique sealing technology to guarantee the airtightness between the sample and the diffusion cell so that the modified instrument can test film/sheet and package at the same time.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, is always dedicated to providing customers with packaging testing solutions and helping the manufacturers fulfill the goals of quality and safety assurance, through improvement of packaging testing techniques and development of high-end packaging testing instruments.

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