Warranty Statement

General Overview:

Labthink provides customers not only with innovative high-performance testing instruments, but also products and services with extensive warranty options. To meet individual customer requirements and needs,we offer a wide variety of extended warranty options for instruments and components.

●  Standard Original Warranty—Instrument:

Labthink warrants its instruments to be free of defects in materials and workmanship (“Original Warranty”) for twelve (12) months from the date of shipment of the product (“Original Instrument Warranty Period”), provided that the instrument is installed and maintained properly and is used under normal operating conditions as set forth in the manuals and written materials provided to the customer. During the Original Instrument Warranty Period, at no additional charge, Labthink will provide repair and spare parts replacement services for defective instruments or components. Should repairs be required after the Original Instrument Warranty Period, Labthink will repair or replace parts and all such repairs are warranted for ninety (90) days on parts and labor from the date the repaired or replaced part is shipped to the customer.

Exclusions: The Warranty covers normal use only and does not cover damage that results from alteration, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect or failure to follow assembly, installation, operational or other Labthink written instructions provided to customer.

●  Standard Warranty—Repaired/Replacement Parts:

The standard warranty for spare, repaired or replacement parts and accessory items, purchased separately and not as part of the original instrument order, is effective for ninety (90) days from the date of shipment. Within this warranty period, Labthink will provide free repair parts and replacement services provided that the same quality problem continues on the repaired/replaced parts. The determination of the cause of the problem is to be made by a Labthink Support/Service Team Member.

●  Extended Warranty – Instrument:

If the warranties outlined here do not meet a customer’s requirements, Customer has the option to purchase an extended warranty. Please refer to the section-Standard Service Expenses for additional information.


Warranty Exclusions:

Labthink reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any product and spare part from warranty coverage in any of the following circumstances: 

1.    Defects or damages to wearing parts or consumable parts, such as lamps and filter paper, etc.

2.    Defects to instrument or components caused by the use of accessories or peripheral equipment not produced or authorized by Labthink.

3.    Defects or damages to instrument or components for aberrant reasons, including, but not limited to failure to comply with the instructions set forth in the operating manual and related materials and using an unsuitable power supply, gas supply, or operation environment, or due to   irresistible force and foreign matters entering instrument.

4.    Defects or damages to instrument or other components caused by natural catastrophes (such as earthquake or fire) or other events including, but not limited to, accidents, theft, vandalism or loss.

5.    Defects or damages to instrument or components caused by dismantling, repair, and reconfiguration without the express written permission of Labthink.

6.    Defects or damages to instrument or components caused by unplugging and connecting power cord, printing cable, communication cable or other connecting wires without shutting off the power supply.

7.    Defects or damages to instrument caused by customer’s installation and operation not in accordance with Labthink International’s operational policies and procedures.

Please contact a Labthink Technical Support/Service Team Member for complete details on warranty eligibility.


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