23 Aug 2020

Since 2002, the FDA has issued49 pharmaceutical packaging material standards and 25 pharmaceutical packagingmaterial test method standards.The standards for medical composite filmpackaging includeYBB00132002 General Requirement for Laminated Films andPouches for Pharmaceutical Packaging, YBB00172002 Laminated Films and Pouches(PET/AL/PE) for Pharmaceutical Packaging, YB00182002 Laminated Films andPouches (PET/LDPE) for Pharmaceutical Packaging, YBB00192002 Laminated Filmsand Pouches (BOPP/LDPE) for Pharmaceutical Packaging. Continue reading

27 Jun 2020

potato chips are usually packed in aluminized composite film. In this paper, Labthink FDT-02 Flex Durability tester and VAC-V2 Differential Pressure Gas Permeability Tester are used to test the change of oxygen permeability before and after the flex of aluminum composite film packaging of potato chips. The flex resistance of the potato chip bag has been evaluated. The basic process of the test and the test principle are also introduced. Continue reading

16 Apr 2020

some components of medical packaging are prone to deterioration when encountering oxygen. Therefore, this packaging should have effective oxygen barrier performance. In this paper, Labthink’s VAC-V2 Differential Pressure Gas Permeability Tester is used to test the barrier performance of aluminum-plastic composite film samples for medical packaging in relation to oxygen transmission rate. The test process, test principle, equipment parameters, etc. are described in detail. This can be used as a reference for organizations selecting oxygen permeability test equipment and methods. Continue reading

18 Mar 2020

The cup method used to measure the water vapor permeability of materials includes two methods: desiccant method and water method. In this paper, the two methods are used to measure the water vapor permeability of a foamed sponge sample. The test principle, procedure and results of the two methods are compared. The instrument specifications and applications are introduced, which provides a reference for the use of the cup method to test the moisture barrier performance of materials. Continue reading

13 Dec 2019

Separation membranes selectively separate gases, and the separation coefficient of gases is a key performance index in measuring separation effect. In this paper, by testing the permeability of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to a certain membrane sample, the separation ability of the sample to nitrogen and carbon dioxide is evaluated. The test principle, the parameters, application of the pressure differential method testing equipment, and the test process are introduced. Reference for the analysis and test of the separation effect of the membrane is provided. Continue reading

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