IP Rights

Technical Fields Applicable Areas Number of Patents
Gas transmission rate tests Oxygen barrier property tests 15
Water vapor barrier property tests 15
Other gas barrier property tests 12
Organic gas and gas mixture barrier property tests 11
Physical and mechanical strength tests for packaging materials Tensile resistance 4
Impact resistance 2
Peeling strength 1
Tearing resistance 2
Shrinkage 7
Friction 4
Hot tack 1
Hot seal property 4
Flex durability 2
Thickness 2
Chemical property tests for packaging materials Solvent residue 3
Evaporation residue 2
Integrity of finished packaging Package seal integrity, leakage, internal gas ingredients and many indexes. 19
Other specialized fields Specimen preparation devices 2
Field high-speed testing 7
Instrument energy consumption monitor and environment monitor 16
IT testing system Networking technology based on Zegbee 2
Technologies based on Internet of Things and cloud computing 2