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Packaging Testing Laboratory

Labthink Packaging Safety Testing Center was established in 2000, which can be divided into Research Laboratory and Cloud Testing Center. The total area of laboratories reaches 410 m2 and testing area is 360 m2. 120 testing instruments, which are worth a total of 30 million US dollars, are utilized to perform a variety of test items including barrier, tensile property, heat seal, hot tack, COF, thickness, tear strength, impact resistance, heat shrinkage, leakage, flex durability, adhesion, color fastness, and GC, etc.

All instruments equipped in Packaging Safety Testing Center are featured with advanced testing technology and comprehensive configurations. Meanwhile, all lab technicians have rich working experience, sophisticated skills and creativity. Thanks to these advantages, we are able to provide you with accurate and impartial test data as well as reliable and considerate services. In September 2013, Labthink Packaging Safety Testing Center successfully obtained CNAS accreditation for testing and calibration competence of laboratory (registration number L6429), and is the first and only plastic packaging laboratory that has been accredited in China.
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1. Research Laboratory

The Research Laboratory is equipped with an extensive set of Labthink testing instruments, accessories and tools, which are kept at 23±2°C/50±5%RH all year long. Regular experiments, research projects and training courses are performed and carried out in this laboratory. In addition, product demonstration to international customers is also held here. Since its establishment, various national research projects, drafting of standards and cooperation with well-known research institutions and universities have been implemented in our research laboratory.

1.1 Research Laboratory Functions

● Perform sample test and provide professional analysis reports
● Meet various testing requirements for special samples, irregular tests and hazardous tests
● Provide data tracing and metrology services
● Provide typical experiment data package
● Participate in national and international research projects and publish results
● Draft, establish, and revise national standards, and is dedicated to the study and application of international standards and methods
● Participate in international academic communication and seminars
● Participate and launch international and national inter-laboratory data comparison events and publish results
● Develop, test, and debug new testing instruments, projects and methods
● Responsible for reception and communication with the international customers as well as personnel skill training

2. Cloud Testing Center

Cloud Testing Center was founded in 2012 for material inspection and ULab testing service. It is equipped with Labthink's latest i-series packaging testing instruments and an intelligent laboratory management system-Cloud Testing Management System. The system is developed based on the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing technology and effectively integrates testing instruments, data, workflow, results, reports, and analytics into the information flow, which greatly boosts the productivity of the laboratory and reduces labor costs, and provides customers with self-service, convenient, and highly efficient testing and data analysis services. Now, we can perform a whole set of packaging safety inspections for approximately 8,000 samples each year. The productivity and efficiency of Cloud Testing center are much higher than that of traditional laboratories. Notably, its size and capacity is still growing.

Cloud Testing Center Functions:

● Provide an extensive range of packaging safety inspections for food and beverage industry
● Provide automatic data analysis and exploration services
● Provide diagnosis and consulting services for packaging related companies
● Provide industrial data accumulation and model construction services

3. Data Comparison Events among Laboratories

Labthink Packaging Safety Testing Center plays an active role in test data comparison among international laboratories. We have insisted on joining the annual project of laboratory testing data comparison held by Pira International since 2009, by which the stability and universality of our testing data can be effectively ensured.