Barrier Property Researches

Weighing method is the basic testing method for water vapor transmission rate measurement. After realizing automatic testing of water method, Labthink has made a series of innovative improvements on weighing method water vapor transmission rate tester with higher testing efficiency and better capability for extension. Thus, customized demands for desiccant method testing and inverted water method testing, as well as testing demands for special samples can be met. Continue reading

It’s estimated that approximately 35% of deterioration accidents of food during guarantee period are caused by inferior packaging materials. Meanwhile, about 65% of the food packages are with hidden dangers. Barrier property is one of the key indexes for the evaluation of the properties of packaging materials and shelf life periods of the packed contents. Correspondingly, the barrier property testing of biodegradable packaging material, a newly developed material in recent years, has become a research focus of the packaging quality inspection institutions. This thesis introduces the significance of barrier property testing of biodegradable packaging films, starch-based biodegradable plastics and the complete verification process of its barrier property by Labthink. The thesis hopes to provide guidance for barrier property testing for manufacturers of biodegradable packaging materials. Continue reading

Based on the experience of numeral tests and the characteristics of the materials with high transmission rate, this article is to provide operation instructions for distinct test items and test methods of barrier property test thereof which could be guidable to the testing requirements for barrier property tests of the specimens with high transmission rate. Continue reading

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