Adhesive Testing Equipment

A wide array of adhesives is used as a bonding agent for composites. Therefore, they need to be tested adhesion before a product can be used.

Adhesion testing is often associated with adhesives, tape, sealants, laminates, electronics, cosmetics, medical device packaging, general packaging seal strength and applications where bond strength measurement is critical for research and quality control applications.

Labthink provides testing machines for mostof these tests in accordance with various standards:

  • ISO 4587 -- Adhesives -- Determination oftensile lap-shear strength
  • ISO 8510 -- Adhesives -- Peel test for aflexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly
  • ASTM D1002 -- Standard Test Method forApparent Shear Strength of Single-Lap-Joint Adhesively Bonded Metal Specimensby Tension Loading
  • ASTM D3165 -- Standard Test Method for Strength Properties of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading
  • ASTM D3330 -- Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • ASTM D3654 -- Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • ASTM D904 -- Standard Test Method fo rComparison of Bond Strength or Ply Adhesion of Similar Laminates Made from Flexible Materials

Adhesion Tester

Adhesion Test includes primary adhesion & lasting adhesion measurement (shear test) for adhesive tapes, medical adhesives, etc.

NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester

NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of tensile, shearing, and pulling properties of various adhesives.


CZY-GC Primary Adhesive Tester (PSTC-6)

CZY-GC Primary Adhesive Tester (PSTC-6) is applicable to tack test of pressure-sensitive tapes and other similar pressure-sensitive adhesives.


CZY-GY Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP)

CZY-GY Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP) is designed according to adhesion test method of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and applicable to tack test of medical plasters and medical patches, etc.

Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile Strength Tester includes Tensile Strength, Shear, Peel Strength, Tear Strenth and Seal Strength Test. 6 Models are available for customer choices according their requirements.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

Labthink Coefficient of Friction tester can measure static and kinetic cof of materials according to ASTM D1894, ISO 8295 etc. COF-P01 can test cof on a clined plant.

BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester

BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester can be used for peeling, stripping and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, medical adhesive bandage, protective films, release paper, laminated films, leatheroid, woven bags, films and paper.

YGJ-02A Adhesive Tape Roller

YGJ-02A Adhesive Tape Roller is professionally applicable to the determination of ink fastness of plastic films and glass paper decorating printed materials that utilize the intaglio printing technique. It also can be used to test adhesion condition of surface layers formed by the techniques including vacuum coated films, surface coating and lamination, etc.

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