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13 Oct 2020

The Coulometric Method: One chamber contains oxygen or air and the other chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen. Due to the concentration difference between the two chambers, oxygen molecules permeate through the specimen into the nitrogen side and are taken to the coulometric sensor where proportional electrical signals are generated. Continue reading

23 Sep 2020

A potato chip company was looking for a simple instrument to test for leaks in their bags. They selected the C660B Leak and Seal Strength Tester for its ability to save test parameters which improves efficiency for each round of testing. Continue reading

10 Sep 2020

A medical device manufacturer was looking to introduce a new line of medical patches and wanted to test their adhesive properties. Due to the high volume of testing they were looking to run, the CZY-8SA Lasting Adhesive Tester was selected for its 8 testing stations and automatic data storage. Continue reading

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