Physical Tests

New materials and new solutions are introduced and applied in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and medical apparatus, yet, the limitations of existing testers are becoming acute. Thus, how to eliminate deviations caused by changes of standards, materials and external forms, is greatly concerned by manufacturers and testing institutions. Based on the situation, Labthink has proposed a set of solutions, which can not only extend the instrument applications, but also have advantages in testing range, purchasing costs, instrument maintenance, operation safety, structural optimization and extended applications, etc. Continue reading

The construction and operation of laboratory database directly relate to efficiency of laboratories. Labthink LystemTM Laboratory Data Sharing System has excellent performance in database construction and application, so as to provide great convenience to regular works of laboratories. Meanwhile, the system is a good assistance for the management of laboratories. This article especially emphasizes the system applications for the management. Continue reading

There have been great developments in laboratory informationization construction. However, with the informationization of testing instruments, there exist obstacles in unified management and comprehensive data analysis, which would bring heavy burdens for operators and researchers, impede technological advancement and produce hidden dangers in testing quality. The article introduces a new type of laboratory data sharing system to solve the above-mentioned obstacles in an effective way and promote development of laboratory informationization construction. Continue reading

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