Package Integrity Testing Solutions

Package Integrity Testing Solutions

Labthink, as a global enterprise, provides complete package integrity testing solutions in accordance with regulatory test methods, such as visual inspection, Pressure Decary, Bubble Emission, Vacuum Decay, etc. Based on Standards ASTM D3078, ASTM F2096, ISO 11607, ASTM F2338, Labthink provides package integrity testing solutions for food packages, medical device and drugs packages, container closure integrity.

Labthink provides a series of package integrity testing instruments as well as package integrity testing services in our laboratory. We also can customize for you with non-standard test requirements.

Pressure/Vacuum Decay

An inflation leak test in which a non-porous package or product is pressurized to a preset level. After the package has stabilized, the decay in pressure over a preset test time is evaluated to determine if a leak is present.

Bubble Emission

Involves inflating the package and submerging it into a surfactant solution; Package examined for evidence of seal failure or holes in packaging, demonstrated by bubbles emerging through the seal