Standard Method for Loop Tack Test

Standard Method for Loop Tack Test

Loop Tack Test is one method to measure the tack strength of adhesive tapes and pressure sensitive adhesives. ASTM D6195 describes a method (using tensile Tester) to make use of a specimen strip 7 in. (175 mm) in length. Both the FINAT FTM 9 “Quick Stick” Tack Measurement Test and the TLMI L-IB2 Tensile Tester Loop Tack Test also use a specimen strip of that length.

Another method is to use a single purpose machine, Loop Tack Tester, while it is uncommonly the sole test of any manufacturer.

If you have a Tensile Testing Machine or universal Testing Machine, you can also perform many other common adhesive and material tests such as 90 degree peel adhesion tests, 180 degree peel adhesion tests, and standard tensile strength testing.

Here is a short video of loop tack test for adhesive tapes using Labthink Tensile Testing Machine.

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