ISO 15105-1

ISO 15105-1 - Plastics -- Film and sheeting -- Determination of gas-transmission rate -- Part 1: Differential-pressure methods

C101B Gas Permeability Test System

C101B GasPermeability Test System is based on the differential pressure method,and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate ofplastic films, composite films, high barrier materials, sheets, and metal foilsat different temperatures. 


C106H Gas Permeability Tester

C106H Gas Permeability Tester is based on the differential pressure method,Six independent test cells with standard area, three times the number of test cells in traditional oxygen permeability testing instruments.

C130H Gas Permeability Tester

C130H Gas Permeability Tester is based on the differential pressure method and Imported high precision vacuum sensor for tests of ultra-high barrier property (0.01 ~ 0.09 cm3/ m2·24h·0.1MPa) materials with high accuracy and repeatability.

VAC-V2 Gas Permeability Tester

VAC-V2 can be used to measure gas permeability rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient at various temperature of plastic films, laminated films, high barrier material, sheets, foils, etc.