ASTM F1921

ASTM F1921 - Standard Test Method for Hot Seal Strength (Hot Tack) of Thermoplastic Polymers and Blends Comprising the Sealing Surfaces of Flexible Webs

HTT-L1 Hot Tack Tester

HTT-L1 is designed for hot tack property test for plastic films, laminated films and other packaging films. Meanwhile, it is also used for peel, shear, tension and other test items for adhesives, adhesive tapes, laminated films, plastic films, paper and other flexible materials.


i-Thermotek 2400 Heat Seal & Hot Tack Tester

i-Thermotek 2400 Heat Seal & Hot Tack Tester can be used for seal strength test after the seal immediately (hot tack) or waiting it cools to room temperature (heat seal). It can be used for plastic films, composite films and other packaging materials.

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